Trans African Exotic Trophy Hunting (TAETH):

is an Intra African Network organisation specialized in wildlife hunting and trophy hunting. Big games hunting, dangerous games hunting, plains games hunting, birds hunting , bow hunting, rifle hunting also belongs to our specialities.

Trans African Exotic Trophy HuntingTrans African Exotic Trophy Hunting

The exotic trophy hunting organisation works in alliance with more than 120 different Reserves, Ranches, National parks in both private and public entities within Africa. This wide range enables us to provide cheaper rates for our customers as compared to regular ranches and parks. It also offers Safari trips to most of the countries. Usually the hunting trips are linked to the Safari tours.

Each year, we make more than 2 million visits to our sites and satisfy more than 20 thousands visitors to our various partner concessions within Africa. During our hunting peaks and seasons, you can explore major hunting and trophy countries in Africa including their beuatiful parks and reserves for example in South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana etc.


Find  your Concession with Trans-African Exotic Trophy Hunting

With Trans African Exotic Trophy Hunting, you can easily find your ideal concession in your ideal hunting country of choice. Just enter your destination and dates of your stay and your conssession and packages will be reserved for you . You can refine your search by using our many filtering options, such as price, distance (eg to the ranches). with us, it’s easy to find a ranch adapted to your preferences online. Look for a ranch or park in numerous cities in South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, Botswana, Gambia etc  in popular hunting destinations Africa!

Book a Package or a Hunt – How does it work?


Trans African Exotic Trophy Hunting (TAETH) is a specialized marketing agent which renders cheaper hunting and trophy prices to its customers based on its extended network and relations with hundreds of ranches and parks. Our prices are way cheaper than most ranches and parks prices be it private or governmental and this are based on our marketing strategies and technics.

The advantages of hunting with us also lies in the fact that our prices are universal for all concessions and countries. Be it luxurious concessions or moderate. The prices are all thesame in all countries, ranches, parks, concessions etc. So the prices displayed on the website applies to all our partner concessions and countries.

We have limited spaces, rooms and hunting periods in our offers. So our customers who book earlier enough are given priority to the best and luxurious concessions and the booking goes according to their wishes. Late bookers can only be reserved what is less luxurious at thesame price! in Trans African Exotic Trophy Hunting

Our Marketing

At Trans African Exotic Trophy Hunting, Our force lies on bulding giant network conections with various concessions in Africa and we try to expand our networks daily.

Over 50% of our traffic comes from branded sources. We believe that building and maintaining the Trans African Exotic Trophy Hunting (TAETH) brand will contribute to long-term success with loyal Hunters, trophy hunters, safari enjoyers and advertisers. We use our own tools and processes to measure and improve our performance from start to finish, whether it be pre-testing a creative or optimizing spend.

Our Locations

Since Trans African Exotic Trophy Hunting (TAETH) began, our Headquarters have been in Düsseldorf, Germany and that isn’t about to change any time soon. We have also established a number of remote incubators, to scale up our services and give us more capacity to attract the best hunters.

Our Culture And Values

At Trans African Exotic Trophy Hunting, We are authentic. We are imperfect. We are excited. We are confident. We are diverse. We are dreamers. We are believers. We are failures. We are winners. We are together. We are Trans African Exotic Trophy Hunters.

Our Culture

At Trans African Exotic Trophy Hunting, We know people are the most productive when they are doing things their own way, so we don’t tell anyone what to do. Rather, we hire the most curious and passionate concessions with professional hunters  and follow their lead.

There is no right or wrong way of doing things or hunting at Trans African Exotic Trophy Hunting (TAETH), but there are usually better ways. We only find those improvements by trial and error, and so we exist in a liquid, adaptable environment. We value diversity and authenticity, as we believe the more independent perspectives you can gain on a subject, the more accurate the conclusion will be at Trans African Exotic Trophy Hunting.

Collectively, we test, we track, we fail, we learn, and we try better.  It helps us improve every single day.

Our Core Values

The Trans African Exotic Trophy Hunting established our Core Values to define how we want to work together. We broke it down into 6 qualities that we truly live by every single day which are : Trust ,  Authenticity, Entrepreneurial Passion, Power of Proof, Unwavering Focus and Fanatic Learning


Our Partners 

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