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Zebra – common


Even though zebra have no trophy value, hunters still like to hunt zebra for the beautiful skin. The skin can be draped over furniture, or used as a carpet. Zebra tender loins are utilized in hunting camp with the rest of the meat going to meat processing facilities. It is perfectly legal to hunt zebra.



Hunting zebra in Africa is hunting for one of the most popular animals  in Africa. Zebra rugs are the most popular way of having your zebra trophy mounted.

Hunting zebra in Africa is far more difficult than a hunter would expect. Zebra have fine-tuned hearing and smelling and have exceptional eyesight. Because zebra are herd animals it is very hard to approach a herd unseen and a shot should be taken as soon as one is presented.

This is the one specie that is also incredibly difficult to sex. The sexual organs of the stallion are situated far back on the abdominal area making it almost impossible to observe when the animal is relaxed and not urinating.

The vital organs area is situated low in the chest making it rather easy to wound one of these striped animals. It is legal to hunt zebra with the correct permissions.